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 Eat Poop You Cat: Let's play a game

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Laura G
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PostSubject: Eat Poop You Cat: Let's play a game   Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:11 am

You guys are all arty and shit, right? Or at least can fake plausible stick figures?

Have you ever heard of Eat Poop You Cat?

The concept is simple. One person writes a caption. The next draws a picture. The third writes a caption of the picture. The fourth draws a picture of the new caption. And so on.

I first happened to run across this game at the SuperDickery forums, and here is an archive of their works:

So does anyone want to play? I'd be willing to run a game or two, and test the waters (and post it to the blog, if all participants are willing).
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Eat Poop You Cat: Let's play a game
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